About David Tlale

David Tlale is an African Fashion Designer, born in Vosloorus, a township in the East of Johannesburg, South Africa. He completed his high school in Vosloorus Thuto Lesedi, and went to study introduction to Internal Auditing, then fashion and technology at Vaal University where he graduated in 1998.

From 1999 – 2003 he lectured at Vaal University, specializing in Compute Aicted Design, Creative Design and Pattern Grading.
In 2003 he won the Elle New Talent at SA Fashion Week and simultaneously launched the brand David Tlale

The exciting heritage of culturally diverse South Africa imbues our design scene with earthy originality in a globally competitive industry. The color, warmth and textures of our raw materials are seen and felt on International catwalks as African inspiration infuses the major Fashion Houses. But, the time has come for the wealth of resources to be married to the talent, creativity, and beauty of South African designer’s dreams and aspirations.

Thanks to the Cultural Diversity, Heritage and Multi-Traditional inspiration David Tlale grew up experiencing in the township, his brand David Tlale remains a home grown label standing out from the crowds. From school uniforms, Sunday’s Best ( dressing up to go to church on Sunday, and annual Christmas clothing), to township fashion, The Swankers / Ivy / Hippies and diverse church uniforms. Mapostola/ Amazion/ ZCC / Methodist / The Shembe / Church/Traditional healers. These attributes played a major role in our aesthetic as a Brand. We draw inspiration from our roots, upbringings and most of all, learning to survive from the hood, thanks to the design elegance that challenges the clichéd and predictable Fashion trends and stereotypes that box African fashion.

Our garments embody beauty, craftsmanship, luxury fabrics, prints developed / designed to evoke and translate the evolution of our African heritage narrating the globalization of African Stories. Our collections are designed to tell stories in loud yet sophisticated tones, without pretense and shun harshness for poise, for the older and newer generations of Males and Females.

Dynamic in our responses to local and global trends, manufacturing and influencing, we prioritize style coupled to expert use of beautiful / high quality fabrics conceived from the designer’s stylistic research and love for luxury.